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RGB analog to digital conversion from -40 to +85

Question asked by stevereine Employee on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by DerekBurke

Hi Folks,


I've got a customer who wants to do 8 bit A-D conversion on an RGB channel. His ideal part would be if the AD9984A was spec'd to run at -40 to +85 deg C. We have some parts that do this, although many of them are overkill with HDMI interfaces included, but none run over the wide temp range he wants. Does anybody have any recommendations on part(s) to recommend?


Let's say for the moment that no video products fit his request. Is there any reason he can't just use 3x 8 bit ADCs for his solution, of course they must meet his sample rate requirements, but we have plenty of very fast 8 bit ADCs. Would there be any issues with processing the sync on the green channel (SOG)?