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AD2S1205 LOS threshold voltage

Question asked by jhKim on Nov 25, 2015
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I have some questions about threshold voltage of LOS fault.

LOS fault threshold of AD2S1205 is 2.18~2.3Vp-p in its datasheet.

But, when I tested the threshold voltage, I saw that LOS fault occurs at 2.4~2.5Vp-p of SIN of COS signal.

I think that noise is not the cause. Waveforms of SIN/COS signal are quite clean.


Do you have any idea why LOS fault occured at 2.4~2.5Vp-p of SIN or COS signal in my test?

In contrast with LOS, DOS occurs at 4.1~4.2Vp-p. this is same with specification in datasheet.


I attach the waveform and simple schematic of SIN/COS signal input side.