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What is 0xCD and 0xCE of CP in ADV7800?

Question asked by SHIGETO on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by SHIGETO

I'm Japanese. I'm sorry for my poor English.

I'm evaluating ADV7800.


I adjust sample phase. (IO Map, 0x19, [4:0])

And I found that 0xCD and 0xCE in CP change according to sample phase. (IO Map, 0x19, [4:0])

by same source, same picture, same resolution.


I think that when sample phase matches with input analog RGB, the data will be small.


But there were no explanations of 0xCD and 0xCE in CP.


If I watched 0xCD and 0xCE in CP, could I detect phase gap in analog RGB input?

Are'nt phase gap and 0xCD and 0xCE in CP  relate?


↓related my question.


best regards.