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ADV7480 CP_OP_656_RANGE at MIPI output

Question asked by JustinWu_Ans on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by XavE

Dear all


We use ADV7480 to get HDMI input from PC or DVD. We set the source output the RGB888 and full range(0-255) , Also read back from ADV7480 from HDMI Map reg#0X53 & 0x0B[7:6] , the input range is full range and 8bits color per channel.


We set 4:2:2 MIPI-CSI output to our SOC and shown the result in Panel and captured it by USB. The white and black level only 16-235 even we input is full range. (We have confirm the picture which use in source , the range shall be white = 255 / black = 0)

(DVD/PC -- RGB888 0-255 -> ADV7480 --MIPI-CSI 4:2:2 --> SOC --> PANEL or USB to PC)


We also try to to enable internal pattern gen by set up the CP_Map reg#37 to 0xA5.  and try to control cp_op_656_range , We can see the correct result from our system. If we set the CP_OP_656_RANGE=0 and get limit range when set CP_OP_656_RANGE = 1 .We can capture the full range pattern from USB and also see the Y change from monitor.


Actually, I already posted the issue in another discussion link as below , but no response now. The project be delay by this issue , please kindly to help check it.


Thanks for your help.