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ADXL362 Activity Interrupt Sensitivity

Question asked by ba58smith on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by nuthan

I'm trying to make the "wake up" more sensitive. It's going to sleep just fine, but it takes more motion to wake it up, and to stay awake, than I want. I've read this part of the Data Sheet about a dozen times, and it still doesn't make sense to me:


THRESH_ACT is set in codes; the value in g depends on the measurement range setting that is selected.

THRESH_ACT [g] = THRESH_ACT [codes]/Sensitivity [codes per g]


What "codes" is it talking about? There is nothing else in the Data Sheet about "codes."


The program I'm working with sets the THRESH_ACT to 300 and the TIME_ACT to 10.

THRESH_INACT is 80 and TIME_INACT is 100.

The sensitivity is set to the default (+/- 2g), as is the ODR (100Hz).

Activity and Inactivity are both enabled in Referenced mode, and Loop mode is in use.


I'm using the ADXL362 as a motion sensor - trying to detect when something is being carried by a person vs. not being carried by anyone, just sitting on the floor. It's.attached to an Arduino Pro Mini. When inactivity is sensed, an interrupt puts the Arduino to sleep. Then, when activity is sensed, the Arduino wakes up and starts doing something (flashing lights, at this point).


To make it more sensitive to motion for ACTIVITY, should I:

- Lower the THRESH_ACT number?

- Lower the TIME_ACT number?

- Change Activity from Referenced to Absolute?


Any help will be much appreciated. I've searched high and low, and can't find my answer anywhere. Thanks!