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Question asked by smallyun on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by DaveD


we have a project used the ADV212 ,I have some questions :

     1). we used the raw pixel mode in the encode mode ,and the configuration is the same as the picture below  except the EDMOD because we don't want to use DMA mode.未命名.bmp

we can get the correctly loaded flag SWFLAG=0xff82.

     we also observed the SCOM[3:0],they can change from 0 to 7,but when we start the Compression process ,they will become 8,A,B.C,just once(should it be several times?),and after they return to 7,we read the  EIRQFLG register ,it returns the value 0x400D. and then ,we start to read the CODE FIFO,but all of the readout is equal to zero . and after we read the CODE FIFO Register only one time ,the value of the  EIRQFLG  register become to 0x502D. we eager  to know the solution of this problem,thanks for your help.

     2), we create some data(0 to 255,and repeat...) which used as the ADV212 input,in this situation,can ADV212 work?

     3). what is  the header format of the ADV212 output JPEG2000? and how can i get the size of the output picture ?

     4).when the register EIRQFLG [1] equal to 1,does it mean the code fifo have some correct data? if not ,what does it mean?

     thanks for your help ,best wishes to  you