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ADT7411 AN3 reading 0V, voltage on pin reads 1.8V

Question asked by voltguy1 on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by voltguy1

We looking at a new design with the ADT7411 monitoring various power supply rails and seeing two boards (we only have two available) that read 0.09 volts for the AIN3 which is suppose to be ~1.8volts.  We have seen this issue on another design before but have not had the time yet to invest in solving this issue.We are using the driver in Linux and bypassing the driver and using "i2cget" to read the pin and we are getting the same 0.09 value in both so it does not appear to be the driver read. We also checked all the control registers and they look right.  We looked directly on the pin of the IC (pin 9) with a meter and scope and see ~1.8V. Any suggestions?