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AD9398 how to use EDID memory?

Question asked by tjn02005 on Jun 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2011 by cvaughn

I have designed a HDMI receiver board where I have connected a EDID memory (24LCS22A) to the I2C bus in the HDMI cable. My problem is that I really don't know how and if I need to use the EDID chip? Is the chip required in order to send graphics data from a PC via HDMI? If so, does anyone know how to use the chip? Do I have to use it in the "Transmit only" mode where VCLK is used or do I only need to connect the chip to the SCL and SDA pins in the HDMI cable and tie VCLK to VCC and thereby use the "Bi-directional" mode? Also, what triggers a read from the chip, from my PC graphics card?


Basically, I need to understand how to use the EDID memory. Hope you understand my questions... I'm new to HDMI and video.