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changing the reference design for fmcomms4 on zc706

Question asked by rahulram on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by AdrianC


    i am trying to send data from my custom module which generates real and imaginary data on rf fmcomms4 on zc706 using the reference design provided. i have so far been able to build the design and use the no-os driver to see the sine wave on the adc side. now i have my custom module which generates i q data and i want to attach that module to ad9361 without using dac_dma and adc_dma modules provided in the reference deign .my custom module will generate the data and recieve it from adc output pins on ad9361 i have been able to attach my module directly to the ad9361 directly and and have verified the data my problem is that i want to remove the dac_axi and adc_axi dma modules from the design.but every time i do so my output data is changing and i do not get the desired there any changes that need to be made before removing those block .pls help me with this.thank you.