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What is SPI flash capacity supported by ADV8003?

Question asked by Mack on Nov 23, 2015
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In my system, 32Mbytes SPI flash memory is interfaced to ADV8003. Only smaller OSD data than 16Mbytes can be read by ADV8003.  If only OSD binary goes beyond 16Mbytes, ADV8003 fails to read OSD data from the SPI flash memory.

For your information, SPI flash used is MX25L2535F.


1. Does ADV8003 support up to 32MBytes SPI flash?.

2. If it is dependant of kinds of SPI flash, could you recommend SPI flash which can be interfaced to ADV8003? 

3. What is max individual DDR2 size supported by ADV8003?  I would like to check if individual 2Gbit(totally 4Gbit) can be supported by ADV8003.


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