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BF52x EMUEXCPT Clearing

Question asked by dmann on Jun 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2011 by vinodbableshwar



I am using USB FSS for Mp3 decoding/encoding. I should mention that I am using instruction and both data caches, due the requirements of the MP3 encoder.


In the process of developing, I've noticed that if I interrupt the program at certain times, that I can always hit a EMUEXCPT instruction upon subsequent program loads -- yielding the following message:


Target halted due to software breakpoint but no breakpoint found at address: 0x302dca0
    Possible reasons are:
    1.An embedded breakpoint (EMUEXCPT instruction) in the code
    2.A breakpoint is placed at the last instruction of a do() loop


The only way I have found to clear the embedded breakpoint is by modifiying the project option to generate a new .LDF. I'm speculating that the source of my problem is that there is something left in cache that does not get cleared. Can anyone please let me know if there are any measures to handle this issue?