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ADuCM320 working without any  external oscillator

Question asked by stude97 on Nov 21, 2015
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I have some problem with initial bring up phase of custom board based on ADuCM320 device. The SWD debug communication fault is reported in Keil LinkPRO based debug tool. It is suspected that some problem raised with ADuCM320 Clock System . So some questioms bellow are listed to have more confidence on this direction including case with incorrect part installed in external crystal position(for some reason concerned with case type it simpler way to uninstall crystal if not required but not replace to correct part if relevant)


In ADuCM320 is found that external oscillator 16Mhz (crystal) may be used but for the case when working in default mode is used some internal 16MHz oscillator. It was understood that XTALO pin need be left in open state and XTALI should be connected to GND.

Question is:

1. If ADuCM320 may reliable  work without  external oscillator installed?

2. If any application problem may be  presented when for some reason external oscillator with not 16MHz frequency installed but only internal oscillator used as defined in power up default  configuration?


Thanks and Regards.