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AD8099 evaluation board

Question asked by Pepsie on Nov 20, 2015
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I purchased an evaluation board from Analog Devices for the AD8099 for inverting configuration and LFCSP package (product number: EVAL-ADOPAMP-1CP-1, user guide: UG-064)


I have problems soldering the LFCSP package. Can anybody give me advice?


Our group usually does it in the following way: have experience with this. First make a solder paste stencil to apply the correct amount of solder (our group uses a laser cutter and polyester foil for this). Then place all the components. And then solder them in an oven. The only thing I would need, is a file with the board layout.


Would it be possible to obtain a gerber file from Analog Devices for the board layout, so that I can create a stencil from that?


Thank you so much!