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AD9910 DDS continuous phase adjustment

Question asked by Fermi_EE on Nov 20, 2015
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I need a sure answer to a simple question.  I have an AD9910 with which I control the

phase of a 53 MHz RF signal.  During the first interval in my process the phase of the

RF is used to regulate "control variable 1".  At a certain point of time in my process I

must move the phase of my RF output from where ever it might be to match the phase of a

second 53 MHz RF signal (neglecting control variable 1).


Can I ramp the POW phase offset word from say 0xFF30 upward rolling the number over

to 0x0000 and continue to say 0x0016?  Will I get a smooth phase change as the POW

rolls over ?


I apologize that I do not have my hardware available to verify this myself.

I have to give a presentation in a couple days I want to make sure I am not lying.

If the roll over still produces a smooth phase shift the DDS is so much

better than say an analog voltage controlled phase shifter that can only shift

+/- 170 degrees.