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Error when compile my oun project IAR

Question asked by gugi on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by emoloney


I made my own project and decided to copy all Options from the original Blinky example. My project is in the same folder as example projects but when compile I get the following error:


Error while running "E:\ADUCM350_soft\Eval-ADUCM350EBZ\examples\NTI_V1\..\..\..\tools\IElfTool\Debug_Win32_9\

ielftool.exe" --fill 0xFF;0x0-0x5ffff --parity __parity0:0x1F00,even:0x00000000:L;0x0-0x3dfff --parity 

__parity1:0x0F80,even:0x00040000:L;0x40000-0x5efff --checksum __checksum0+0:4,crc32:LiR,0xffffffff;0x0-0x3fff7 --checksum 

__checksum0+4:4,crc32:Li,0xffffffff;0x0-0x3fff7 --checksum __checksum1+0:4,crc32:LiR,0xffffffff;0x40000-0x5fff7 --checksum 

__checksum1+4:4,crc32:Li,0xffffffff;0x40000-0x5fff7 "E:\ADUCM350_soft\Eval-ADUCM350EBZ\examples\NTI_V1\Debug\

Exe\NTI_V1.out" "E:\ADUCM350_soft\Eval-ADUCM350EBZ\examples\NTI_V1\Debug\Exe\NTI_V1.out"


Should I change something, somewhere else outside the Options ? Is there any possibility to export and import Options of one workbench/project/ to another workbench/project/ ?


Thank you