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FMCOMMS3 AD9361 IIP3 Measurement

Question asked by Andrew-007 on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by tlili

I tried measuring IIP3 on FMCOMMS3 board,  I am getting following results:


RX1 Gain (dB)    IIP3 Measured

30                      -9dBm

35                      -10.5dBm

40                      -12dBm

Input tones to AD9361  tones at 2398MHz and 2402MHz with power of each approx -43dBm.


This IIP3 measured data does not match with Inband IIP3 data given in document "AD936x IIP3 Measurements 1.0.pdf"

Queries --

1. Please let me know whether it is correct way of measuring IIP3?

2. Whether my measured results are valid ?

3. What should be the power level and frequency seperation between the input tones?

Note: Power levels and frequency seperation are not defined in "AD936x IIP3 Measurements 1.0.pdf"