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How to do a Line/Mic Gain adjust in SigmaStudio

Question asked by amonge on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by amonge


I'm using an ADAU1701 and have a line\mic input feeding one of the ADC inputs.  I'm using a rotary potentiometer that is being read by one of the Aux ADC inputs.  I would like to use this as a gain adjust for the audio signal, with unity at the 12:00 position, attenuation below that position and gain (max +50dB?) above that position.  Is it possible to do this with SigmaStudio blocks?


I've tried the Aux ADC input tied to RMS lookup table and then connected to single slew ext volume control block and it works somewhat (pictured below).  Is 33 the max index allowed in the table, I feel like it needs more steps to feel smoother.  I'm using a linear pot but it still doesn't feel like I've got much of a usable range in the pot.  I start to hear audio about 8:00 on the pot and it reaches max at about 3:00.




Any help would be appreciated.