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Matlab issues for ADALM1000

Question asked by TonyDimitri on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by timh

Hello everyone,

I installed the driver of the ADALM1000 by pluging the device and using Zadig to download the driver (I'm on windows 7).

Then I installed the Data Acquisition Toolbox in Matlab.

But when I try to type "daq.createSession('adi')" it says :"The vendor 'adi' is not known. Use 'daq.getVendors()' for a list of vendors."

So I type  "daq.getVendors" and I get:


Number of vendors: 2

index ID  Operational        Comment   

----- --- ----------- ------------------------

1    adi true        Analog Devices Inc.

2    ni  false      Click here for more info


I ask for properties and I get:


ID: 'adi'

FullName: 'Analog Devices Inc.'

AdaptorVersion: '3.8 (R2015b)'

DriverVersion: '1.0'

IsOperational: true


ID: 'ni'

FullName: 'National Instruments'

AdaptorVersion: '3.8 (R2015b)'

DriverVersion: 'unknown'

IsOperational: false


I don't understand why my Device is not seen by Matlab when the driver is considered operational.

I had problems too when I installed the toolbox, it said I hadn't the rights and I needed to change PATH. I changed my folder and redownloaded the toolbox and it worked. Don't know if it may be an issue.


Thank you in advance,