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Details of HMC7044

Question asked by Alexey_Katkov on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by Alexey_Katkov

Hello everybody!


My customer uses HMC7044 and I have some questions about HMC7044, because I can't find this information in datasheet.


1. What is the difference between outputs SCLKOUT and CLKOUT?


2. I would like to know more details about cross connection nearly outputs. I don't understand this feature - this outputs are same.


3. Can I don't connect VCC_OUTx to power supply, which Idon't use? For example: we use just CLKOUT0, which supplies from VCC9_OUT (table 1). Is it possible don't connent to power supply VCC2_OUT, VCC4_OUT, VCC8_OUT? Or I have to connect this pins to GND?




Thank you!