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SHARC 21479 Dev Kit

Question asked by khal on Jun 13, 2011
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I have bought an off-the shelf SHARC 21479 dev kit which has an ADC/DAC (AD1939) integrated with it. While it has 4 ADCs and 8 DACs which seems powerful for any audio application, the latency for these ADC/DAC are very much sampling frequency dependant as they are Sigma Delta based. This group delay is too high for low-latency applications. I was wondering whether there are any off-the shelf dev-kits out there that have a SHARC 21479 with low latency stereo ADC/DAC  which is SAR based (even if it is power hungry)? or if there is a way of getting an ADC/DAC board that could be interfaced into the dev kit I have which I could use instead of the built in AD1939 ADC/DAC. Do you also have the talk-through code for that specific dev kit (i.e. SHARC with a different built in ADC/DAC) or the current dev-kit with an external ADC/DAC board.