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ADN8331 H Bridge circuit dead zone issue

Question asked by elton1230 on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by elton1230

        Hi, everybody,I am going to use the ADN8831 to control the DFB Laser temperture,and I have a question need you to help me to solve,which is the H Bridge driver circuit that make up of the mosfet.

       As you know, H Bridge driver circuit has the positive and negative deriction to drive the TEC in turn,the P-mosfet and the N-mosfet are controlled by the output of PWM and Linear AMP ,but the problem is when the circuit change the state from the positive to negative deriction,there is a dead zone exist in seconds(maybe decide by mosfet),if I want to eliminate this phenomenon,what I should do?Could you suggest some nice ways improve or solve the issue?Besides,if I replace the mosfet by the NPN transistor which controlled by the linear AMP part,is it will be better than the mosfet? Look forward to your reply,thanks!