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rms of the full-wave rectification, AD8436

Question asked by moto on Nov 18, 2015
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I have questions about AD8436 RMS-DC converter.

It might be primitive question, but please instruct me.


The sine wave and the rectified full-wave is a same rms value, I think.

Could you tell us the reason why these different simulation results?


AD8436_2b: Sin wave simulation , output is about 0.703V, it's a little small .

It must be a conversion errors, I think. Is it right?


AD8436: Full-wave rectification.  The output was about 0.315V is this simulation.

What is CF in this case?

Could you tell me explanation?

I would like to know how to calculate about this operation.


Please instruct me more suitable application circuit for measuring a rectified wave.