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how to minimize the glitches on ground pin?

Question asked by ravipati on Nov 18, 2015

Hi All,


Iam getting issue in system level IF i connect different boards.



I shorted the ground of two boards.If i short the other 3rd board ground on any of the first two boards,getting many glitches on GND pin and due to that iam facing following issues:


All the components connected with GND in the board 1 and board 2 are effecting(getting some glitches on o/p of every component like voltage conveters and dual buffers).so thats reason some times reset (because reset is going to chip through a dual buffer) is happening on those boards.


so can u please let me know the solution for above problem,is there any resisotor or capacitor on the ground pins will reduce the glitches ?


Thanks in advance to everybody.