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How to use ADL5391?

Question asked by FFederspiel on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by jdobler

Hello, I would like to multiply two squarish pulses, 20 µs long, repeating every 2 ms, one at 1.7 V and the other, synchronised, at -1.7 V (these can be changed), both being grounded otherwise. I plugged these to the X+ and Y+ inputs via 220 nF capacitances, and all other inputs (and W-) are connected to ground via 220 nF capacitances. Even using another 220 nF capacitance on W+ I have only a constant output, the pin potential being either 0.7 V or 1 V (with "ENBL" or not on the 200$ evaluation board); there's no sign of any high frequency variation at the place where the resulting pulse should be.



So I'm wondering what to do, I don't know if the multiplier is broken since the output (direct pin voltage) is always 0.7 V or 1 V. When I look at the other direct pin voltages (X+ for example) everything is fine, just my pulse centered around 2.5 V. Should I use another, more suitable multiplier for my application, such as the AD835?