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ADXL362  question

Question asked by Terumasa on Nov 18, 2015
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Please let me know your advice about beloq  3 questions of ADXL362.

Our customer uses external clock and trigger.

If possible, he would like to use higher data rate than 400Hz.



Datasheet rev.D p.40  says that  maximum sampling frequency is 625Hz.

Can ADXL362 support 625Hz ODR ?

(We think that ODR equals sampling freuquency)

But datasheet P.18 says that ODRactual = ODRselectable * f/51.2KHz , f is 51.2KHz to 25.6KHz and ODRselectable is maximum of 400.

So we think that ODR can not support higher data rate than 400Hz.

If above my understanding is correct,  what does 625Hz of sampling frequency mean ?

Please let me know your advice.


Question 2

ODR/2 or ODR/4 can be selected for cutoff of low pass filter.

Which ODRactual or ODRselectable does above ODR mean ?


Question 3

He uses external trigger at INT2 pin.

If there is any timing chart about external trigger ,could you give me it ?


Can we start the read sequence as datasheet figure.36 immediately after trigger high input ?

If there is any wait time between starting read sequence and trigger input, please let me know your advice.