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ADV7401-Not getting the exact YCbCr values for CVBS Video

Question asked by Loganathan.N on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by joe.triggs

Hi all,


          In our project, we are using ADV7401 video decoder for decoding CVBS video. Everything working satisfactorily. But the issue is, I have given separate RED, GREEN & BLUE fixed image for video input and checked the digital output (YCbCr) values for these images. By this, I'm getting the moreover exact values for RED & BLUE and also exact image in the display. But for GREEN image, I'm not getting the exact values. For RED image the converted 24 bit RGB value is 0xFA0000, for BLUE 0x0000F0 but for GREEN 0x41BA42. Kindly suggest any idea to resolve this.. I have checked the YCbCr to RGB conversion formula also.


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