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AD7195 USB Drivers for Windows 7 - 64 bit professional

Question asked by Seph on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by jcolao

Hello everyone and thanks for any help,


I currently trying to test the AD7195 Evaluation board on windows 7 64 bit however none of the drivers I have found thus far seems to work.


I have tried the following link:

However this seemed to only install documentation (PDFs??)


I found on a forum post at about AD7195 Evaluation software which linked where it said that solved their problem. This did not work for me.

At least the board seems to be working, i'm able to switch the mode on it by changing jumpers however the software doesn't see the board connected to the pc. Is this an issue with certain USB ports or am I missing something else?

With thanks,




(It may be unrelated but there is a red light on under the right side of the screen).