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Not getting data rates 800,1600 and 3200 HZ : ADXL345

Question asked by gandhi on Nov 17, 2015


For my project my ADXL345 has to operate at all frequencies starting from 1Hz to 3200HZ.

All could see all data rates from 1HZ to 400HZ,unfortunately not 800,1600 and 3200HZ.

Initially i wrote 0x04 to BW_rate register. the baud rate is 9600(default). freq is 100KHZ.

I see 42 samples in the serial term but only one variation. I:e. output one sample is mutiple times (42) times displayed.

Then i changed 0x04 to 0x05. This time i see again 42 sample with 4 variations.

Like wise i see for 6 HZ and 12 HZ output. For 50HZ i changed baud rate to 115200 since 9600 baud rate showing may 42 samples.

Then i see around 350HZ output  with 50 variations.

Again i see for 100HZ and 200HZ. Then i changed baud rate to 921600 and freq as 400KHZ.

This time i see for 400HZ. serial term shows 650HZ output with repeated 400HZ.

Then i switched to 800HZ datarate this time it shows 650HZ with all unique samples.

Hence my question is how i can see exactly 1 HZ output for !HZ..2HZ output for 2HZ.

And how can i see 800,1600 and 3200HZ.( tried by changing fre to 2MHZ and 5MHZ). The max ouput freq in serial term is 650HZ.

Here i attach some pics. imageFile.jpgimageFile.jpgimageFile.jpgIMG_4059.JPGIMG_4060.JPG