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ADAU1701 Param update

Question asked by Without on Nov 16, 2015
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I have setup a simple project that outputs mono audio + 19kHz sine tone on ADC1. I have correctly setup the systems samplerate to 192kHz. Audio and 19kHz outputs just fine untiI I try to change the output volume (Gain2) When I change the output volume the 19kHz output changes to 4.75kHz and also the audio sounds like a AM quality radio. It looks like the systems samplerate is set back to 48kHz. 19kHz / 4 = 4.75kHz.


I`m writing to RAM address 4. Data is send in 5.23 format.




     float fParam = 1.0;

     unsigned short usAddress = 0x0004;


     long param223;

     long param227;


     param223 = fParam * 0x800000;

     param227 = param223 + 0x8000000;


     param_hex[3]=(unsigned char)param227;  //get byte 3 (LSBs) of parameter value

     param_hex[2]=(unsigned char)(param227>>8); //get byte 2 of parameter value

     param_hex[1]=(unsigned char)(param227>>16); //get byte 1 of parameter value

     param_hex[0]=(unsigned char)(param227>>24);

     param_hex[0] = param_hex[0] ^ 0x08;


     RegisterWrite(0x68, usAddress, 4, param_hex);


I find it very strange that the samplerate is set back to 48kHz. What could cause this problem?


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