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rf_rx_bandwidth issue

Question asked by on Nov 16, 2015
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Hi ,

    I am using AD_FMCOMMS3 and ML605 FPGA,and I am puzzled with rf_rx_bandwidth and rf_tx_bandwidth. In the  AD9361 Evaluation Software , a typical LTE 20M should set rf_rx_bandwidth to 18MHz with a sample rate 30.72MHz.



     But in the UG-570 ,it said :desired BBBW is 10Mhz in the LTE 20M


     What is the relationship between BBBW and rf_tx_bandwidth?

      And now I send a data generated by PN sequence generator with QPSK modulation and after 4x inserted zeros the sample rate is 30.72MHz, What rf_rx_bandwidth should I set ?