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Controlling compression curve of RMS(gain) in ADAU1442 via microcontroller

Question asked by arkashkin on Nov 16, 2015
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I'm using RMS(gain) component inside SigmaStudio to design my project.


What I'm trying to accomplish with this component is:

There is some stereo input which is the main source and is normally outputted as is from the DSP. Additionally there is some other input source, the microphone, when some one is talking, I need to output that voice from the DSP. If talking stops, I want to return outputting the main source.


I need to control that compression curve, to control the threshold, how load the microphone input should be to trigger the mechanism.

This threshold needs to be configurable on run time via micro controller.


I can see in the capture window that parameter named StereoDetectInFix1 (136 bytes size) is responsible to update changes in the DSP when I change the curve shape. I want to ask for the algorithm to calculate this value, so I can affect the curve on runtime without SigmaStudio.


Thanks in advance.