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ADV7533 debug issue (DVI to HDMI)

Question asked by liaojf on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by DaveD

  I am debugging our DSI-to-HDMI adapter board with your ADV7533 on it.


I have a problem similar to this at your website -


The status of my board is:


1) I would like to output 640x480 resolution video


2) I can output 640x480 @60Hz or 75Hz test pattern (color
bar or ramp) from ADV7533 to TV via HDMI, and display is OK, clock is from DSI
link, and configure manual divider to get about 25MHz HDMI TMDS clock.


3) I input DSI signals with 640x480 at about 60Hz, DSI clock is expected 151MHz, and this is partly confirmed by using a DSI LCD (to replace ADV7533) as reference and the DSI LCD display is shown as expected.  The problem is I can't get expected display
on TV.


could you please tell me how to let ADV7533 decode
correctly with 640x480 60Hz DSI input and output it to TV via HDMI ?