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ADA2200: SPI Interface

Question asked by XantaMarius on Nov 16, 2015
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I'm trying to establish the SPI communication between the ADA2200 and an Arduino DUE. Unfortunately the configuration of the IC don't work. In order to get things done I want to clarifying some question left after reading the data sheet and the posts ( and ) here.

I hope to get some additional answer here:


0) Do the CLKIN Pin support sinusoidal AND TTL (square Wave) signals?

1) In the data sheet on page 19 is the instruction byte listed. It's consists of 16 bits.

My question about it is: Do I have to send them as a hole or it is possible to send them in a row of 2 bytes?

And the data has to attached directly after the instruction word in a row or is it possible to send at first the instruction word and then the data byte?

2) On the same page is declared that all data are driven out on the rising edge of the SCLK signal.

Does is mean that the SPI Modes (from SPI-Modes 3 to ...?) changes within the reading cycles because CPHA (Clock Phase) has changed?

3) When data are driven out of the device, is this via the SDIO when SDO is not activated?

4) On page 32, figure 33: The SPI block is clocking with CLKIN * 1//32.

How this is influencing the SPI communication? Do I have to match that frequency with the SCLK frequency to read and write or doesn't have this any effect?


Thanks for your help in this matter.


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