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Creating STANAG B from RGBHV

Question asked by Arhez on Nov 16, 2015
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I want to create STANAG B from RGBHV (coming from my PC).

I know that STANAG 3350 Class B means 625 Lines, 25 Frames/ Sec, 50 Fields/ Sec which is based on PAL.

After doing a little research I realized that if I encoded RGB to PAL I'd be doing the same thing.

I found AD725. It encodes RGBHV to PAL.

My questions are as following:


1. Am I on the right track with AD725? I am a little confused because I read somewhere that it requires interlaced RGBHV but in the datasheet it has "Personal Computers" listed in Applications.

2. Am I wrong when I say that converting RGBHV to PAL will be the same as converting to STANAG B? what is the characteristic that differs PAL from STANAG B? -In my research I found that it'll need scaling and that could be done using ADV8003.

3. If AD725 will work. Do I need to change anything in the output and then do the scaling ?


Help will be appreciated!