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Measure Power and Energy ADE7880

Question asked by Luis.San on Nov 15, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by dlath

Good Morning


In my project I'm working with the ADE7880 and ADE7953, in both cases I'm trying to measure power and energy and the values of the records are not as expected.


The RMS values of current and voltage are stable and provided the expected values.


Now when  want to measure the instantaneous power values of AC current and voltage with constant amplitude, the power register oscillate over a wide range and the energy value increases and decreases over time.


The following is a sample values explained V = Voltage, IA = Current, PA = Power and EA = Energy


V=002EFC8F IA=2395094 PA=FFFEA605  EA=38421 00009615

V=002EF906 IA=2392712  PA=FFFE9D8C EA=38416 00009610

V=002EF96B IA=2392841 PA=FFFECF0B EA=38559 0000969F

V=002EFA30 IA=2394481  PA=FFFF3D20 EA=38546 00009692

V=002EF568 IA=2396680 PA=FFFFDC6B  EA=38505 00009669

V=002EF9CF IA=2399584 =000011D8  EA=38213 00009545

V=002EF98D IA=2404471 PA=00008848  EA=38376 000095E8

V=002EF5B9 IA=2411504 PA=0000FA90  EA=38392 000095F8

V=002EF83C IA=2416865 PA=00011FF4 EA=38267 0000957B

V=002EF84F IA=2417265 PA=000130C4  EA=38282 0000958A

V=002EF2CF IA=2423844 PA=0001822F  EA=38483 00009653

V=002EF991 IA=2426473 PA=00019317  EA=38285 0000958D


It is expected that the power value is a constant value and the energy is expected to register increases in time to register the overflow.


you can help to elucidate the result obtained are not the expected values?




Luis Sanoja