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AD8000-input output distrotion

Question asked by sbandara on Nov 15, 2015
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Dear friend,


I construct the circuit we already discussed I used “Manhattan method circuit” for constricting the circuit.@@@@@@@@


1st problem is

In 1st stage(isolated from the other stage ), when I increased the amplitude of the signal input both output and input are @distorted , but when the amplitude is reduce it is working perfectly.

My problem –is it I due to feedback resisters values or because of the high frequency my function generator impedance mismatching


2nd problem

When I connect the both part (without the LMH6559MA) ,it destroy both input and as well as the output.


I attaché here with flowing figures and diagrams

1-1 to 1-2  related to 1st  problem

2 –constricted circuit

3 Related to second problem

4 Multisim file

5 Data Sheet of my signal generator



I highly appreciate if you can give me any suggestion regarding on this problem


Thank you!