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How to configure three SPI slave devices with the ADAU1452 master control port?

Question asked by hankweston on Nov 14, 2015
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I've designed a PCB centred around the ADAU1452 DSP. There are two TI PCM1865 ADC's tied the TDM inputs and a Cirrus CS4385A DAC connected to the TDM output of the ADAU1452. The ADC's and DAC's need registers to be configured via SPI to work correctly in this application, but I can't figure out how to configure three SPI slave devices via the ADAU1452 master control port. The data sheet states that is should be possible to configure multiple devices via the SPI master control port, but it is not clear to me how to implement this with SigmaStudio.

I see that there is a Master Control Port I/O-block in SigmaStudio, but that looks like to be designed for only one slave device.

Can I just put multiple of these blocks in my design to configure multiple slave devices? That would be too easy, right? ;-)


A bit about the application:

SPI SS for the EEPROM is connected to MP0, SPI MOSI is connected to MP1, SPI SCLK is connected to MP2, SPI MISO is connected to MP3, ADC1 SPI SS is connected to MP6, ADC2 SPI SS is connected to MP7, DAC SPI SS is connected to MP13.