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Audio Amp questions about AD8397 and ADA4896-2

Question asked by Sam.S on Nov 15, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by Sam.S

Hi Sir,

    Our customer have interesting in AD8397 and ADA4896-2 , and have questions need to know further about :

" How do these parts(AD8397 and ADA4896-2) behave when they reach their output current limits?

Do they clip at Io limit, is the clipping clean, or is there a shutdown? "


  We found the figure 7 in AD8397 datasheet, it’s seem will shutdown when it been over driven happen, but it how can recovery when the output loading reduce loading into operation range?


Should re-power up again or it can return to normal status just need reduce the loading into the operation range?

AD8397_Output Overdrive Recovery_Figure7.jpg

About AD4896-2, we found the output characteristics in datasheet as below :

ADA4896-2_Input Overdrive Recovery Time_Figure29.jpg

ADA4896-2_Output Characteristics.jpg

So it mean, the output will clip when ADA4896-2 is overdriven, and will recovery time 83 ns after the Vin into the operation range?


@Thank you very much!