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Problem with compiling SC589 power on self test in CCES 2.1.0

Question asked by ThierryNolf on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by ThierryNolf

I've downloaded the CCES (w1508281) on my computer.

I received the SC589 eval kit.

I try to compile the power on self test from the BSP "ADSP-SC58x_EZ-KIT_Lite-Rel1.0.0"

I try to compile the power on self test, but I get errors on the ethernet driver.


In the linking process I got undifined references from the file common/source/ethernet_test.c for the functions:

adi_ether_Open, adi_ether_SetMACAddress, adi_ether_EnableMAC, adi_ether_GetLinkStatus, adi_ether_Read, adi_ether_Write and adi_ether_Close


I got other missing references from the file ina3221_test.c to the functions adi_ina3221_Open,adi_ina3221_ConfigTWI, adi_ina3221_ReadManufacturerID, adi_ina3221_ReadDieID, adi_ina3221_Reset, adi_ina3221_Close


Is this a known issue, and am I using some wrong version (BSP or CCES) ?

If so, where can I find the latest releases of the software ?


Thanks in advance,