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new Flash Programmer Driver for CLDP (SST26VF032)

Question asked by pfeifferc on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by Nabeel

Hi !

I've adapted the given serial SPI flash driver from W25q32bv which is located on BF609 EZKit to

my used flash (SST26VF032)

So it works, but I've further questions.


The Flash is divided into 4K erasable sectors, therefore I use NUM_SECTORS = 1024 an ERASE_TYPE = ERASE_4K

So it could be more effective, because the given flash is able to erase also 32K and 64K blocks and 8K


My SST26VF_open function use

number_of_regions=1 with the given 4K blocks


fi->erase_block_regions[0].block_size = BLOCK_SIZE;

fi->erase_block_regions[0].number_of_blocks = NUM_SECTORS;


So I have 8sectors for 8K blocks

                 2sector for 32K blocks & 62sectors for 64K blocks


is it correct if I define 64 regions, corresponding to the given mem-map in datasheet,

but this is never used within the driver example ???

regards chris