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2D DMA on BF537

Question asked by Findl on Jun 10, 2011
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the "Device Drivers and System Services" Manual describes how easily 2D DMA can be used to deinterleave incoming Data from an Image Sensor (RGBRGB => RR, GG BB). Following the given example in the document, XMODIFY gets the value N*M (height*width of the image) and YMODIFY gets the value 1-2*N*M. This makes sense. But how can I use it to deinterlace an RGB image of common size 480*640*3 Bytes with the given constraint in the document that the modifiers XMODIFY, YMODIFY can have values only up to +/-32 kBytes. In this example XMODIFY should become 307200 and YMODIFY should become -614399.


Thank you in advance for a response