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AD9361 - Unused Ports

Question asked by kfirkam on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by tlili


Since I have tried to send it to specific Engineers and got no respond I am re-writing it for general discussion:


In our design we are not using the following Tx/Rx/DAC ports:

  1. Rx1B/1C/2B/2C
  2. TX Monitor1/2 (M5/A5)
  3. TX and RX EXT LO IN ports. (A12/G1)
  4. Ref_CLK_In(H6)
  5. Clock Out(J6)
  6. AUXDAC1/2(B3/C3)
  7. AUXADC(L5)


What is recomanded to implement - Termination? Grounding? NC?