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ADAU1761 ram address exceeds:4096

Question asked by Titan on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by Titan

Dear Support Team,


Q1: I want to using ADAU1761 for a audio product, and the noise reduction algorithm is necessary. I have a single channel design just for evaluate the NR algorithm as below photo, it is work well.NR work well for single channel.jpg


but, I want the NR algorithm can effect 2 channel for the stereo audio, so I place 2 NR blocks, but there is a error info: RAM address exceeds:4096. pls help to advice how to solve this issue? Or do you have a solution can achieve the NR function for stereo audio?



Q2: I want the DSP chip can self boot by external EEPROM, and the NR algorithm is necessary, seems I can't find a chip can fill the requirements, could you pls recommand a DSP chip both support EEPROM self boot and NR algorithm? tks