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Is there any thermal information available for the HMC358MS8G?

Question asked by MRichardson Employee on Nov 11, 2015

Yes thermal information does exist for the HMC358MS8G, unfortunately it's not currently shown on the datasheet.


Simulated results using the hottest devices and their physical placement and geometries estimates a typical junction temperature of 122.8°C at an 85°C baseplate temperature. This is based on a nominal bias condition of 3.0Vdc @ 100mA and yields a thermal resistance of 128.7°C/W. Per the foundry, the maximum junction temperature that will result in an MTTF of 1 million hours of life at a current density of 50KA/cm^2 for the GaAs InGaP HBT process is 135°C.  HMC products typically operate at a significantly lower current density (20KA/cm^2) so this analysis should be viewed as very conservative.