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Question asked by harikrishnan on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by CsomI

I am using ZC706 and FMCOMMS2. Iam using hdl-hdl_2014_r2. I want to add my signal processing IP core between util_adc_pack core and axi_ad9361 core.   I went through this link   ADI Reference Designs HDL User Guide [Analog Devices Wiki]  and found the interface details. I am planning to use adc_clk  , adc_enable  , adc_valid , adc_data . I am planning to use these signals like a FIFO interface - adc_clk as fifo write clock ; adc_valid as fifo write enable. adc_enable will be directly routed to util_adc_pack core .

Iam confused about what to do with adc_ovf  (Data overflow) signal. Should i keep it as in hdl-hdl_2014_r2 (direct connection from axi_ad9361 core to axi_ad9361_adc_dma core). what is the main purpose adc_ovf used.

I added an ILA to study the interface and given signal using IIO scope, then adc_ovf signal was coming frequently. Is this signal important.

Please give me your advice