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Trouble with AD5292

Question asked by glglgl on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by msamera

As well as others, I have trouble getting my AD5292 running. But my problems start "earlier" than the one of others.


I have two symptoms:


* The data I am clocking in come back on SDO the way I put them in. This should be normal for all writing commands (which don't have any effect), but as well for the reading commands. For example, if I clock in a 0x1414, I'd expect to get back the content of memory cell 0x14 on the next bus operation. Instead, I get back the 0x1414 I sent in. To me, that sounds as if command processing would not work.

* The RDY line is constantly low.


I think that these symptoms are connected with each other: tThe chip tells me that it isn't ready to get any commands by holding RDY low. If I ignore that and clock in some commands, they are discarded.


So what does the chip want to tell me by holding RDY low? Doesn't it like some conditions it is seated in?