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AD2S1210   1/4 wrong data

Question asked by Circuit-Breaker on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by Circuit-Breaker

Hi all,


i have a problem with my AD2S1210.

For test purpose i use a µC to read him out and send the data to my PC.


If i rotate it it jumps from 360 back to 270 and goes up again to 360 and then 0.


I marked the resolver and rotated it slowly.

From 0 to 180 everything is ok. But from 180 to 270 the Data says 180 to 360.

Then it jumps to 270 and goes to 360 which is ok again.

So one quarter from 180-270 it gives out wrong data.


I tested it with another Resolver and had the same problem.

I also watched the signals of the Resolver which all seems fine.


Has someone an idea where it could come from?


Best regards,




Sorry for my bad english.