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Mess on the Website for the AD5933?

Question asked by cminon on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by mcee

Hi everybody. Can someone please explain the different Versions of the evaluation software for the AD5933?

I have installed the original Software from the CD which comes with the Evaluation Kit AD5933, just as described in the User Guide. Its name is “AD5933 setup_rev1.4.exe”. It works on XP but still crashes sometimes. However, the window title says “AD5933 Beta Version REV1.0” and I wonder why. Is there still just the Beta Version available?

So I looked on your Homepage and faced two other problems:

What is the description for the software that can be found at

Why does the “AD5933 Software Evaluation , Rev.B(zip) not work with my AD5933, since it works with the software from the CD?

Why does it say „Firmware failed to download – Check USB connections” when I want to install “AD5933 Rev1.0exe” and why are there two links for this Software with the same content?


Thank you