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AD9361 FMCOMMS2 RX only No DDR

Question asked by D-Tech on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by aikgg

I have been working on modifying the AC701 HDL to work on a Nexys4 board.The final application will be RX only with no DDR with some DSP running on the ADC outputs. I am having trouble fitting the NO-OS with the recommended heap size of 0x100000 in the BRAM that I have available on the XC7A100T (4860 kb). It looks like it will fit if I set the heap to 0x10000. I need some BRAM leftover for my DSP section.


1) Whats the Min Heap size I can get away with?


2) If I only need RX is there anything i can get rid of specifically related to the TX NO-OS code that will reduce its size significantly?


3) Does the NO-OS use any of these discreet signals ?:


  output      txnrx;
  output      enable;


  inout       gpio_resetb;
  inout       gpio_sync;
  inout       gpio_en_agc;

  inout   [ 3:0]  gpio_ctl;

  inout   [ 7:0]  gpio_status;