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ADAU1701/1401 I2C addressing AFTER selfboot sequence

Question asked by Artifex on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by DaveThib

Dear friends! Still fighting with my super slow multi adau1401 project and here's my question. I'm trying to develop a board with 2 ADAU1401s and I want them selfboot separately from each own EEPROM. After that I want to connect I2C lines of all the chips and give them different addresses to be able to program them in Sigma Studio. Which rises a following issue. Datasheet, Self-Boot section, states:


After the ADAU1401A finishes self-booting, additional messages can be sent to the ADAU1401A on the I2C bus, although this typically is not necessary in a self-booting application. The I2C device address is 0x68 for a write and 0x69 for a read in this mode. The ADDRx pins have different functions when the chip is in this mode, so the settings on them can be ignored.


Which in turn means if I set ADDR pins of my chips 0/0 (both low) for chip 1 and 1/0 (ADDR0 - high) for chip 2 this is going to be no good because after chip 2 completes it's selfboot it's still going to be addressed 0x68/0x69. Is this assumtion correct? If it is, is it possible to set selfboot pin low after the selfboot sequence is complete to make the chip 2 "understand" it's I2C address?